About Us

Ten Tone Productions the performance company was founded to develop and stage original Greek theatre for the Greek diaspora, and inspire the next generation to engage, perform, and support keeping our traditions alive and promoting the Hellenic arts.

Since 2016, we have instead been inspired by the broad talent in our community, and the depth of the desire to connect and sustain our Hellenic roots and language across all the generations. Since our founding, we have been honoured to showcase multiple art forms, including graphic, visual artists, musicians, performance artists, and even stand-up comedy to identify and nurture new, emerging North American – Greek talent.

We have launched Ten Tone Cares focused on bringing art and performance to the most vulnerable members of our community, and support charitable causes as a way of giving back.

Our first productions were incredibly supported and enthusiastically recognized by our community, and today we have built a following of thousands across all our media platforms, here and in Greece. Our goal for the years to come is to continue to present the utmost professional productions of original works by artists of Greek descent, and to continue to build bridges across the generations, and back to our Hellenic foundations.

Thank you to our artists, audiences, and our followers. We are preparing our next season of performances and showcases, and look forward to seeing you all again.

George Scandalis and Elisseos Kyrillou

Director, Author, Playwright, Actor, Producer

As a first generation Greek Canadian, George has a deep rooted passion for Hellenic culture and art that was fostered by his parents and the Greek diaspora in Toronto, Canada. By the age of four, George was dancing with the Cretan Association of Toronto Knossos, and then joined the renowned Nefeli Theatre Arts group within the Greek Community of Toronto. By his late teens he taught Modern and Greek Folkloric dance as well as continued to perform.

He followed his passion for Greek culture and arts to Greece in 2004 to work as a professional actor and entertainer, and found success on Alpha Channel’s Dream Show. This granted him the opportunity to tour broadly in Greece in many different theatrical roles, as well as perform on network television as both actor and host. In the span of his career on stage, he has performed in over 30 theatrical shows.

His time in Greece created a strong and lasting foundation for which to launch his “second act” as a playwright, director and producer a decade later in Toronto. In 2016, George wrote his first original modern Greek play, “Η ΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ”; he also founded Ten Tone Productions which subsequently staged the play to sold-out audiences. This was followed thereafter by sold-out productions of two additional original works, “ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΜΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΥΑ” 2017 and “ΟΙ ΕΡΩΣΥΛΙΕΣ” in 2018. In 2019, George continued to support Greek community engagement in the arts through the production of the first Greek Artist Expo 2019 title “She”, with a focus on showcasing Greek diaspora female artists and performers. His latest endeavour was the launch of “LMGAO – Laugh My Greek Ass Off”, a stand-up comedy event with a focus on the Greek- Canadian experience.

His proudest accomplishment is the publication of his first original book of poetry in December of 2019 based on his most recent stage play, “Οι Ερωσυλίες της Ερωφίλης” by Εκδόσεις Λογότυπο, Athens. His talents have been recognised in Canada, USA and Greece and most recently he was awarded with the Top 40 under 40 by the Greek America Foundation.

George is working on his next project and is looking forward to staging it in the near future.

Theater and Radio Producer, Production Coordinator, Sound Engineer and Aspiring Writer

Elisseos Kyrillou was born and raised in Cyprus. In his late teens, he realized that his dreams were bigger than his small Mediterranean island could contain, and he moved to Athens to be in the creative center of Greece. He studied at the Professional Training Organization of Athens and graduated from the Department of Sound Engineering.

Since 2009 he worked as a sound and light technician in theatre, as well as in audio and video editing for short films, music videos and advertising spots. Elisseos has worked freelance in production departments for various theatrical and video productions, collaborating with companies such as Team in Motion and Whatever Production. While in Athens, he also worked as a radio producer on Sex Radio, My Music, Fashion Web Radio and most recently in Toronto with Agape Greek Radio.

Since 2015 he has been living in Toronto and applying his experience in theatre production as a founding partner of Ten Tone Productions. Producing shows such as “Η ΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ”, “ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΜΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΥΑ.”, “ΟΙ ΕΡΩΣΥΛΙΕΣ” and the first annual Greek Artist Expo 2019 title “She.” Early on in the start of 2020 Elisseos successfully produced the “LMGAO – Laugh My Greek Ass Off”, a stand-up comedy event with a focus on the Greek-Canadian experience.

Elisseos most recently hosted and interviewed under the creative direction of George Scandalis and produced by Ten Tone Productions a series of interviews on the Greek immigrant experience to Canada. Ten individuals of different ages shared their life stories in season one of Ten Tone Profiles.

Elisseos plays an active role in developing Ten Tone Cares by volunteering his time to various not-for-profit organizations in our community, such as the Hellenic Heritage Foundation, the Greek Community of Toronto and others. He most recently let the committee for the Scotiabank marathon and the Greek Community of Toronto team and assisting raising over $40.000

Elisseos continues to communicate with the community at large as an editorial and events journalist for the Greek Press Toronto.