Diplos Ellinikos

Set in the vibrant city of Athens in the year 2022, the story revolves around best friends named Hara and Paraskevi. They are polar opposites - Paraskevi is always finding a way to test the boundaries of the loyal and steadfast Hara, involving her in all sorts of trouble. Paraskevi is a true hustler navigating life’s challenges in Athens, Greece. Hara lives life on the straight and narrow, seeking a life of simplicity and structure. A series of events, including a lost love, an unexpected prophecy from a fortune teller, and a chance encounter with an ex-lover, propel Hara into a life directed by Paraskevi. The fortune teller promises both wealth and love, but the question remains: what sacrifices must be made to turn these dreams into reality?

Paraskevi's hustle will create consequences for both, but the financial benefits are too good to pass up. The deviation from that straight and narrow life path for Hara proves to be exciting as she is finally the "star" of the best friend duo. As events unfold, love knocks on the door again for Hara. Will she choose to do the right thing and give love a chance, or will she be caught and exposed?

This captivating romantic comedy weaves together the threads of the past and future, affection and betrayal, deception and honesty. Set against the backdrop of modern Greece, immerse yourself in the cherished locales and melodies that evoke fond memories, all while exploring the intricate dynamics of the friendships that enrich our lives. Prepare to be entertained by our lively duo, who will not only "read" your future but also offer you - what else? - a “double" Greek coffee. 

Produce by Ten Tone Productions

Written and Directed by George Scandalis

For 10 performances only, from November 16th toNovember 26th, 2023.

Location: Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley St.

In order of appearance: Stella Mastrogiannakou, Deme Delis, Christos Mallatsi, Irene Bithas, Peter Athanasopoulos, Gerasimos Pagoulatos, Rania Bampasi, Barbara Lambrou, Katerina Tsekareas, Georgios Dafos, Dimitrios Tsouchlakis, Denise Georgiou-Newell, Niki Botteas & Christina Houtris.

Brought to you in part by the Hellenic Heritage Foundation.



Photo Credits: Christina Coutsougeras