Ten Tone Productions returns with a new theatrical adaptation of the incredibly important socio-political work of Lili Zografou, "Epaggelma: Porni” (Occupation: Prostitute). Lili was born 1922 and we are thrilled to be mounting this work in celebration of her centennial.

Elisseos Kyrillou will be his first foray into the director's role with his adapted screenplay and is honored to present this historical masterpiece to the Greek diaspora.  It is a provocative piece that will bring back memories for some of our first generation and shine a light on the challenges our parents and grandparents face for our new generations.

The play brings to life two different excerpts from the book, which narrate experiences of the author herself during the "Junta" period in Greece from 1967-1974.  In the first part, we watch the heroine try to renew her passport and prove her existence at the Ministry of Interior, with all the ridiculous events that this entails, and the immense risks Lili had to take to retain agency over her life and occupation. In the second part we witness the consequences of a woman fighting for agency within a fascist system, and her experience in a psychiatric private clinic after her failed suicide attempt.

A role-playing game unfolds on stage and a revolution comes to life in front of the audience, aiming to awaken our consciousness about our role in our community, and how power and privilege can corrupt our personal morals and strain the fabric of society.  This is a timely subject and one that remains relevant 45 years after the book's original publication.  

Brought to you in part by Hellenic Heritage Foundation

Cast: Rania Bampasi, Stavy Karnouskou and George Scandalis

Director & Theatrical Adaptation: Elisseos Kyrillou

Three performances: October 27, 28 & 29 at 8 pm

Papermill Theatre - 67 Pottery RdSuitable for people over 16 years

Duration: 90’ - no intermission Language: Greek


Rania Bampasi

Rania Bampasi was born in Patra, Greece and grew up in Athens. She studied German Literature at University of Athens and Comparative literature at Bochum University of Germany. Since 2013, she has lived and worked in Toronto. Her passions from childhood include theatre, books and music and she feels very thankful for being able to engage in all three in Canada. In the mornings she works for Toronto International Festival of Authors, and in the evenings she is generally found rehearsing for theatrical and musical events. She has played in several theatre productions including “Veggera” (2016, GCT), “Gynaikes sta Chionia” (2018, Epi Skinis), and Pentanostimi (2018, Epi Skinis). She has performed her stand-up comedy at the LMGAO Show (2020, Ten Tone Productions) and as a headliner in LMGAO Vol.2 (2022, Ten Tone Productions). She has also taken part in musical performances as a member of Chi Jazz musical ensemble: “Tribute to Manos Chatzidakis” (2016, GCT), “History of Greek music - Part 1” (2018, GCT) and “History of Greek music- Part 2” (2020, GCT).

Stavy Karnouskou

Stavy Karnouskou moved to Toronto in her early 20s to pursue her passion for the dramatic arts. In 2016 she successfully graduated from the Toronto Film School's "Acting for Film, TV and Theatre" program, and has since been volunteering and working in various theatrical projects. She continues to contribute to our local Greek culture and has worked multiple times with "Ten Tone Productions" and "Ekfrasi Performing Arts". Her passion for acting has also encouraged her to write multiple plays and short films. Her short film "Before You Reach Happiness", for which she wrote the original screenplay, directed, and acted in was screened at the Toronto Film School. Most recently, she participated in the 2021 contest "28 Plays Later", in which she wrote 28 plays in 28 days and was one of the awarded winners.

George Scandalis

George Scandalis has been acting on stage since his teens. He has worked as a professional actor in Greece, and has performed in over 30 productions on stage, film and television in both Greece and North America. As a founding member of Ten Tone Productions, George has written and staged theatrical shows of his own and directed them. In 2019 his first book of poetry “Οι Ερωσυλίες της Ερωφίλης” was published in Greece by Logotypo Press. Most recently he was a recipient of the "Top 40 Under 40" recognition by the Greek America Foundation.


Photo Credits: Chris􀆟na Coutsougeras